Monday, September 23, 2013

The last two years

Occurrences since the last time I have blogged. 

1) Graduated from university!! Hallelujah. This picture should probably include beers, many types of other vices, my homies, and a snapshot of my gross all nighter face. 

2) Had an awesome internship and spent a lot of time with these lovely people. 

3) Discovered that olives are delicious. 

4) Went to Spain for a few months. (Where I discovered that olives are delicious)

5) Finished a triathlon or two and am obviously now fit enough to fight off any apocalyptic invasion. 

6) Dated like an grown up!

7) Whitney Houston died from being a coke whore. Sad. I kind of liked her.

8) I now work in a hotel? Cool. Here she is. Whistler, BC

9) Hmmm

10) Bought twenty million awesome swimsuits in Europe and did a lot of sit ups to rock them.

11) Snapped this amazing picture of my dog. 

12) Thought this was the one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

13) Taught a yoga class with more men then woomenz. Broga? Has that term been coined?

14) Justin Timberlake.I  actually gave his new album and listen and was quite taken aback by how smooth it was. Well done JT!

That's about all that's happened. Now we are caught up. So stoked to be blogging again!

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